Table 1.

The first part of the output file is Table 1. This lists the specifications, so it just reproduces information from the specification file so that you can check that everything is in order. The most important thing to check here is that the correct number of facets is specified and that the correct number of elements (i.e. students, raters, items, etc) are listed for each facets. In this case, we have 3 facets, 10 items, and we have listed 9999 possible students and raters.


; Data specification

Facets = 3

Delements = N

Non-centered =  1

Positive =  1

Labels =

 1,Students ; (elements = 9999)

 2,Raters ; (elements = 9999)

 3,Items ; (elements = 10)

Model = ?,?,?,R,