Understanding FACETS Output Files


When you run Facets, it will produce an output file in plain text format that contains all the crucial information about the analysis. The amount of information in this file is quite intimidating at first, but once you understand the different sections, you will find it is very convenient to have all the information presented in one file.

Table 6 and the different sections of Table 7 give the measurement reports on the difficulty of students, raters, and rubric items, so you need to look at those if you want to assign grades. However, the other tables also contain crucial information.


Example output file:



(If you want to run this analysis yourself, please download the data file and specification file, save them together in a directory on your hard disk, then open the specification file in Facets. You will be prompted for "Extra Specifications?" Click "Ok" to continue the analysis. You will next be asked "What is the Report Output file name?". The default name should be "Facets_Rating_Specification_19.out.txt". I suggest just using this default name. Facets will now analyze the data and produce an output file. This output file should be essentially identical to the one in the link above.)


Download the specification file here:  http://trevorholster.com/pa/Facets_Rating_Specification_19.txt


Download the data file here: http://trevorholster.com/pa/Facets_data_19.csv



Tables in the Output File

Table 1: This lists the specifications.


Table 2: This summarizes the data.


Table 3: This is the iteration report.


Table 4.1: This shows the unexpected responses. If you want to diagnose misfitting students, raters, or items, you should look here.


Table 5: Measurable data summary.

Table 6: This is the Facets "Rulers", which is a graphical display of student ability, rater severity, and item difficulty on a common logit scale. If you want to see how well matched the difficulty of your items, raters, and students are, you should look here.


Table 7.1: This is the students' measurement report. If you want to see how well your students performed, you should look here

Table 7.2: This is the raters' measurement report. If you want to see how well your raters performed, you should look here


Table 7.3: This is the item measurement report. If you want to see how well your rubric items performed, you should look here